Friday, January 18, 2008


Today I shopped for my swapee(giftee) in the Ravelry Be My Valentine 2008 swap. The idea is to make a gift package for your recipient, approximate dollar amount between 50 and 60. Creativity requirement--endless. Went to Knitters Mercantile in Columbus looking for Smooshy/Classy, but there was none in stock. I instead picked up some Cascade 220 in pink, Noro Kureyon sock in a totally rockin colorway, and Tofutsies by SWTC in pink. I got some Eucalan wool wash as well, and of course some chocolate. If you haven't already guessed, my gal loves pink. I'm going to get some lotion and other cute little items and have it shipped by next Wednesday. News!!! We are moving to a new apartment--at the end of February and it is really exciting because we are moving from a rural area to a city!!! A city about 15 minutes away from 3 different LYS's!!! I am so excited!

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