Thursday, May 8, 2008

My first LYS

The LYS near me is downsizing and moving to a new place. The Spinning Turtle was the first yarn shop I had ever been to when I rediscovered knitting in college and it became my drug. Set in the historic square of Nelsonville, Ohio, this LYS became a frequent destination for me. The owner has the philosophy of stocking the yarns that enable knitting to be affordable for many people. Brown Sheep, Plymouth, and Cascade are among the yarn lines carried by The Spinning Turtle.

Local yarn shops are important for so many reasons that its impossible to list them all here. The number one reason that LYS's are important to me is that you get an education there and helpful advice that you cannot get anywhere else. No one understands knitting more than another knitter.
My all-time favorite dpns are Plymouth bamboo in size 1 (US). I can't find them anywhere else except The Spinning Turtle. Though the store is reopening in a smaller space, I will still miss the coziness of the shop and all the information I gathered during my visits there.


  1. I hope the new space works well for you too.

  2. Holy Moly, there is a LYS in Nelsonville? I'm an OU grad, but didn't get into knitting until after college. I wasn't exactly noticing the yarn stores at that point. I can tell you that some friends and I drove through there in the middle of the night one time on a quest for milkshakes. We didn't find one in Nelsonville.

  3. Thanks so much for your kind comments. It's been difficult to survive even as the only LYS in SE Ohio during the current economic downturn. Even tho" I do it for "love" not money, it's good to know that I've been appreciated. I hope you remember that I have free sit N/ stitch with free lessons Thurs between 5 and 8 pm, and come and visit, even if you are working on an old project. I'm in the rear of the Starbrick Clay building at 21 W. Columbus Street.