Monday, June 9, 2008

Stay-cation time!!!

Well, with nothing to do this week--no plans, etc--I get to have a stay-cation! Stay-cation means va-cation, except we are staying at home and doing stuff we normally don't have time to do, such as watching tv, playing board games, playing video games, cooking at home, and generally just relaxing. At the end of the week we are driving up to Cleveland to spend Father's Day with my dad. All in all, it should be a peachy week.

Along with the relaxing I will be doing, I have plans to completely reorganize my yarn stash, which includes better storage (I have seen winged beasts--AKA moths--fluttering around the outside of our apartment at night. I am not taking any chances). I will also be catching up on my Ravelry uploading of pictures and yarn inventory. And yes, there will be LOTS of knitting.

Projects I will be completing this week, do or die: blanket for Touching Little Lives, a charity I volunteer for; pair of socks for my dad for Father's Day, and finishing up a pair of socks for my son.

Projects I am starting in the next 2 weeks: More socks and probably some mittens/wristwarmers/cell phone cozy/purse/gloves and whatever else I can come up with. Hats for Touching Little Lives as well.

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