Wednesday, July 30, 2008

2008: A Sweater-knitting odyssey

I finally decided I will knit a sweater this year. I'm just having trouble picking out which one I want to knit from the plethora of knitting books and the mountain of knitting magazines that fills our home.

To prepare for knitting the ultimate sweater, I started "modifying" a sweater that I recieved as a gift from my aunt. It's an XL but it is way too short and I thought it could use a little more fun, as its quite plain. I am putting a festive little trim on the ends of the sleeves and on the hood, and will be extending the bottom of the sweater with a glittery white yarn.

I nearly tore my hair out with the first sleeve's trim. I (unwisely) chose to use bamboo circular needles(the smallest circumference), and apparently bamboo needles do NOT work well if you are trying to knit with eyelash yarn. Picking up stitches with bamboo is not fun. Too bad my smallest Addis are really really long, as I bought them for the Magic Loop--which I did not end up doing.

I unraveled the KIYW Wristwarmers ( as seen on my Ravelry page). Made using Cider Moon Glacier sock yarn, I created those before I fell in love with sock knitting. I was rummaging through my stuff in my finished projects bin and decided to frog that project and make Peppermint Socks out of it. At 236 yards, I hope it will be enough yarn for a pair of socks. We shall see!

Warm Woolies sock photo below--that is the pairs I have finished so far. My goal is 27 pairs by the end of September.


  1. Hi, This is Betty-Jean aka bjtheknitnewbie.

    I just saw your comment on my blog about winning your contest!! Is it too late for me to claim my prize?

    I haven't worked on my blog since around Christmas. How do you find the time to post so often???

  2. Hi,
    It's me again. I saw your comment on my blog. I AM on Ravelry as bjknitnewbie. What's your name on there?

    My other email is

    Poopy that I missed out on my prize but that's what I get for not doing my blog!