Saturday, September 20, 2008

What a week...

What a week this past week was! I know that millions of people were affected by Hurricane Ike, and my family was one of them! Despite living in the Ohio Valley, we were touched by Ike last Sunday, as remnants of Ike clashed with a cold front and brought tremendous winds to our area. No rain, just lots of wind. It was really scary, as power lines were snapped and electricity went off for a week. We decided to camp out at home instead of going to relatives or a hotel. My husband figured out how to heat up the canned food we had, using 3 votive candles on our stove. Hooray for hot food! Our son thought it was a camp out. We had flashlights and candles galore. It was really nice to spend time together since usually we are in the same home, but doing totally different things.

Knitting in the semi-dark was cool too...I got a lot done! I finished the first in a pair of socks for my dads birthday in November, got a lot done on my Noro socks, and began my first sweater, top-down from Creative Knitting January 2008.

I bought some yarn this week after the power came back on in our area. Just some acrylic to make a pillow for our couch--our living room has a red/gold theme going on--and Bernat Cashmere Blend, plus some dishcloth cotton.

I have some pictures to put up, but will do that tomorrow. News: my son is officially done with his crib and just got a toddler bed!!! Potty training is also commencing slowly but surely.

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