Friday, October 3, 2008

Excited for the first really-feels-like-fall weekend!

Today was a really great day. I had loads of knitting time on the way to our weekly family dinner out, which took place this time at Skyline Chili, a place we really like. In case you haven't tried it, spaghetti covered with chili and cheese (AKA a 3-way) is a really awesome combination. My hubby likes it with onions and beans also...a 5-Way. I'm still working on my husband's birthday socks, even though its after his big 27th. I have one more sock to go on my dad's birthday socks, which appear like they will be done by his actual birthday in November.

I de-stashed a lot this week, with the yarn going to a fellow Raveler, so that she can have a big stash this winter. I feel that every knitter should have a stash so big that any time inspiration strikes, you can have the tools to pick up and start knitting.

I've been doing ok with the weight loss thing..going to the gym semi-regularly and running after my son. New clothes and then I will be all set! Just kidding on the new clothes thing...for some reason I've always been averse to clothes shopping for myself. I've got plenty of clothes that hopefully soon I will be able to wear again! I found the best nail polish ever this evening. Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Wedding Bells. It's very understated, with the slightest hint of pink.

Just for fun, I'm putting up one of my wedding pics from 3 (wow) years ago...for those of you who have never seen a pic of me.

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