Friday, November 7, 2008

History has been made!!

As the entire world knows, Barack Obama has been elected the 44th president of the USA. When I found out, I almost started crying. I volunteered long hours, called hundreds of people, and knocked on a bunch of doors, all because I believe in Obama's message of change, which this nation painfully needs. History has been made this week and barriers were broken. I feel that this is a president that I can relate to, out of all the presidents who have been in office since I became of age to vote. I feel he will make an enormous impact....there is more that I can say but just getting the words out is really hard because I feel so strongly about this man and his beliefs! I am so proud to be an American today!

Malabrigo Yarns just released Malabrigo sock yarn. From the pics I have seen on Ravelry and The Loopy Ewe, it is really soft and yummy when squished, touched, petted, and of course knit up! I can't wait to get me hands on some...

Mulberry Socks almost finished--Have a wonderful Friday!!!

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