Sunday, November 2, 2008

I can't wait for the election to be over!

I am really excited that the election will be taking place on Tuesday of this coming week, but I am more excited that it will finally be over. I have been volunteering for Barack Obama's campaign for the last few weeks, and I recieved a bumper sticker from the Democratic Party headquarters in my city. My family and I were at a gas station yesterday, and someone threw a tomato at our car because they saw the bumper sticker. There is so much passion on both sides and that is why I hope that no matter what the outcome, people just remember to keep their feelings under control.

In knitting news: I am still working on my Mulberry Socks(1/2 of the second sock to go), Dad's birthday socks, my sweater, and have queued my first pair of Monkeys (AKA Victory Monkeys in my Ravelry notebook)set to be done in Schaefer Yarns' "Anne" in Michelle(part of the Sock the Vote collection).

My hubby is going out of town this week for a business trip, so that leaves me plenty of time to play with my little son, knit, watch tv, read, and relax for a few days! Hope everyone has a good rest of the weekend

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  1. I've been lucky, I also have a Obama sticker on my car, and haven't been clobbered yet.