Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas was awesome!!

Sorry for the delay in posting, but I am still basking in the after-Christmas glow. We had an awesome Christmas. The day before Christmas Eve, my niece was born. Christmas Eve was spent with my mom and sister up in Cleveland. We had a nice dinner, followed by exchanging gifts. We recieved a lot of gifts from Hungary, where my mother's family is from. For my birthday, which is on the 30th of December, I got a Coach bag from my sister and dad. I was so excited! Our son gave us the Christmas gift of a full night's sleep both nights we were away.
On Christmas Day, my sister, husband, son and I went over to my dad's house. We exchanged gifts (I got a bracelet from Tiffany's from my sister and dad, and some perfume and a gift card from my dad). We went over to my grandfather's house and had a large family dinner with my aunt, uncle, grandpa, and cousins. Once again, we slept all night long. Next day, we returned home.

It was a great Christmas, but it seemed to go by way too fast. I bought some knitting books with my gift card--Itty Bitty Hats, Itty Bitty Nursery, Toys to Knit, and Essential Knits for Kids by Debbie Bliss. I went book shopping with the intent to choose randomly to add to my knitting library and it worked out really well!

I'm back to working on my christmas tree skirt (for next christmas), my son's blanket, and my dad's socks, which did not get finished by Christmas. I turn 25 in 2 days time, on the 30th!!!!

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