Sunday, December 14, 2008


There has been a whole lot of cuteness at my home this weekend...courtesy of my 2 1/2 year old son! He said " I love you" clearly for the very first time yesterday. I cried a was so sweet. He's growing up so fast...he chooses what he wants for a snack from the refrigerator, tells us when he needs a diaper change, and chooses what he wants to play with/read. I love being a mom so much!

In knitting news....I'm still working on my Christmas tree skirt, and am completing roughly one wedge a day. It needs 16 more wedges before its done, so I will definitely step it up in order to finish it in time. We usually don't take our tree down till the day after New Years Day. I cast on and have done some ribbing for my dad's Christmas socks, which used to be Father's Day socks then birthday socks. Those days passed by without the socks being done, but I am determined to finish them in time. I save sock knitting time for the nighttime hours when I, an insomniac by genetics, watch TV by myself. My son's blanket is almost done...just 2 more rows of blocks to knit. I will post more pics later this week!

Hope you have a very pleasant Monday...just remember...Christmas is almost here!!

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