Monday, December 8, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas outside here in Ohio

It snowed 2 or so inches on Saturday...the most significant snowfall we have seen so far this season. It was so beautiful....just the right time of the year. My husband and I had a great (early) wedding anniversary. It's actually the 17th of December, but we didn't want to do it so close to Christmas, since we're going to spend it with my parents this year. This past weekend, we left our son with his grandma for a couple days. It was so hard for me, since he's never been away from us overnight. He had a good time, but he missed us and was really hyper at his grandmas. Anyhow, on our weekend, my husband and I went shopping, caught a movie, and had dinner. We also ran some errands, and it was so nice to just be with each other and talk, laugh, etc. A lot of the time life gets in the way, or we are too tired to talk at the end of a busy day, so it was nice to have that time to spend together.

My niece Brianna is going to be born any day now, and I am so excited to meet her! We found the perfect Christmas present for her: a jewelry box, white with pink butterflies on it. It matches her nursery perfectly!

I'm still working on the Christmas tree skirt--it's coming along nicely. Still need to finish the last remaining sock for my dad for Christmas, as well as the blanket I am making for my son. I should have more time to devote to that this week.

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