Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Tuesday!

Just thought I would do a little blog post this morning while I'm working...

I subscribe to Fitness Magazine. I like reading the articles on health and natural living especially, and this month the mag had a great feature on natural beauty recipes. I liked quite a few of them, one in particular, a hair brightening rinse made of 2 black tea bags (for brunettes. Redheads should use 2 Rooibos teabags, and blondes 2 chamomile teabags) and 1 or 2 cups of water. Let it cool and use after shampooing; rinse with cool water. It made my hair very soft and hopefully more lustrous in color. There are a few more recipes that caught my eye, such as a nail treatment of sugar and grapes, a facial scrub made of strawberries and honey, and a body mist of cucumber and water. I love natural body treatments and now I have quite a few to try.

Still knitting the sock for my dad..little more of the leg done last night and this morning. I casually went through my in-house yarn store, as I like to refer to my stash, and once again wanted to start 10 projects at once. I'm trying to discipline myself to finish this sock, move onto the next alpaca sock mate, followed by the Flat Feet sock mate, my decorative couch pillow, Christmas tree skirt, and then I can start another project. I've got my plate full for the next couple of months, but I'm happy that I will have those projects complete. I know there are a couple sock mates that I forgot in that list, but as they become FO's I will update regularly.

I don't watch a ton of TV these days. I have a pile of books that I got over the holidays that I have yet to read, though I did start one this past weekend. I cleared off my DVR of shows that I know I will only end up deleting before I watch them--major de-cluttering made me feel much better. I'm a huge fan of Greys Anatomy, Nip/Tuck, House, some E! reality shows, and American Idol. I have been known to fall asleep on the couch to the news on CNN.

What book am I reading this week? Behind The Times by Edwin Diamond. It's a non-fiction book chronicling the New York Times in the late 1990s and 2000s. I've been interested in the New York Times history since I listened to The Trust (book-on-tape about the New York Times founding family) when I was in high school. I was lucky enough to recieve 2 copies of The Trust for Christmas, one from my hubby and one from my mom. The one from my mom was hardbound, and I inscribed it for my son because it is one of my all-time favorite books. I jsut got New Moon (second book in the Twilight saga) and I can't wait to read it!

Hope you have a great Tuesday and remember...3 more days till Friday!!

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  1. Good luck on your projects and thanks for the book ideas, always looking for something new. My dvr list is packed, probably should follow your example.