Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Getting through it

I'm slowly feeling more normal as each day passes. I'm in a better place emotionally, as I've embodied the fact that everything I'm going through is happening for a reason and ultimately I will end up better than I'm feeling right now, if that even makes sense. My son has been holding up remarkably well, much better than I, but he's only 3.

Reading, knitting, watching inspiring movies, and writing are what fills my little free time. It's comforting to have the interests that I have, because no matter what, I always am able to take a few minutes to do something I love.

Unpacking is coming along slowly. I dread the next few months though, as we iron out things and see what unfolds in the's so wierd how someone can go from being your best friend to someone you feel you barely know. It's amazing how fast the love I thought I had went away and morphed into something else during all this.

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  1. Hang in there. You do have friends and caring strangers..