Thursday, October 8, 2009

Major "Manly" Sock progress made!

Happy Thursday!
I'm proud to share that I have made major "Manly" sock progress on sock #1, for the SKA October Sockdown on Ravelry. I'm just about to the heel flap of the first sock(and when I say "just about," I really mean with 16 rows to go on the leg. But those 16 rows will fly by....right?).
It's a fun pattern, with many rows that can be memorized by reading the chart countless times. I will be casting on for the second sock immediately after finishing the first sock, to avoid the dreaded SSS. I've been a victim of SSS many times, just check out my projects page on Ravelry.
I'll post a pic of the sock tomorrow, in good light if its not raining so that the pattern is visible!
Heading off to the doctor's office with my 3 year old for a flu shot (for him). I already got mine a few weeks ago.

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