Thursday, January 27, 2011

Life of a Knitting Mama

It's been an insanely busy last couple of weeks in the life of this knitting mama. Family crises, snowy and freezing cold days, coupled with nursing courses resuming and a cold that seems to have traveled to every single member of our family. As I write this now, I am hoping that my DayQuil will take effect so I can smell things and taste the tea I am drinking. In between life, I have had ample opportunities to knit! I'm posting pics of some of my current projects. The first, the Pigtail Hat from the January edition of the Dream in Color Dream Club, is being knit with Dream in Color Groovy, in Alpine Flurry. The pattern calls for a 16'' circular needle to start with, then switching to size 11 dpns, but I'm going with the dpns for the whole thing. I found the circular too annoying, and I got these sparkly plastic Addi dpns today so I'm going with those.

The next project is a second sock...I'm revisiting it in the hopes that I will actually finish it and therefore make my UFO pile a mite smaller. It's a basic sock, using Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's Sock Recipe from Knitting Rules! It is knit using Radiant Twist superwash sock, purchased from Etsy in 2008. I like the colors, it's just been forgotten for way too long. Will post a pic once I'm on the way to being done with it!

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