Sunday, October 30, 2011

Back to basics...maybe...

It's time to go back-to-basics with my approach to knitting socks..maybe.  I have more sock yarn than I will ever be able to use, and even less time to knit than I had a few weeks ago--started a new job which I am thankful to have.  Sock ADD makes me want to browse the patterns, start knitting a sock, then abandon it a few days later, moving onto something else.  After my sock yarn re-organizing last weekend, I hope to be better focused when I do find some time to knit.  Here's my problem:  I currently find myself with 0 pairs of socks to wear.  I have a few singles, but no pairs.  I examined the socks that bit the dust and found that my soles were worn thin and eventually wore through.  I need to knit the socks tighter on DPNs or switch to a different technique.  I hear "knit two at a time" often from fellow knitters, but DPNs seem to work for me right now--maybe the socks on two circs method could work out as well. 
 Side note:  I did try to rip one of my socks-Monkey made out of Trekking XXL, by far the longest-lasting socks I had.  Those socks took a lot of abuse.  Back to the story:  I cut the yarn and tried to rip back all the way past the worn-thru part so I could re-knit it using the leftover yarn I had.  Bad idea.  A lot of the sole was felted from washings/wear and the sock would not rip out without major cutting.  I gave up and gifted it to the trash can. 
I got some new yarn last week:  Lorna's Laces Solemate, which is the sock yarn made with Outlast fiber in it--it regulates the temperature of the sock based on your own body temperature.  How cool is that!  I got 2 skeins--Navy Pier (in honor of my great weekend in Chicago last month--and Amy's Vintage Office.  So excited to use this yarn--possibly this week--and will post pics/review.  Meanwhile, here is a photo of the yarn:

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