Monday, May 14, 2012

Sockdown Knitting Mode

So happy it's May already!  Summer is almost, swimming, and outdoor time for me.  My son recently discovered that he likes to play tennis, so we play together.  He's getting pretty good.  I had an excellent Mother's Day.  My son made me a cookbook and a card listing all the things that make me a special Mom.  I melted....he is the most loving little person:-). 
I'm in Sockdown knittng mode right now. I'm currrently on track to actually finish an SKA Sockdown on time, and that kind of goal means that whatever knitting time I can carve out has to be devoted to the socks I am knitting.  For the May Sockdown, I am knitting the Cables and Lace Socks by Allison Sarnoff.  I'm using Red Heart Stardust in the color green-which looks more like a yellow-green and has sparklies in it.  It's going along ok...I'm getting to the "I'm bored" phase, so I have to really focus. I love the pattern, and it's the first time I've ever used the yarn, which I am liking.  Pic of what I've knitted so far: