Friday, August 17, 2012

Almost at the finish line...of sock #1!

I'm  in a finishing mood this weekend.  This week, when I got home from work/gym every day, I spent the better part of each night sorting/organizing/culling my knitting magazine stash.  I literally had 5 huge piles in various places in the house, not to mention the huge storage bin in the garage.  I clipped out patterns I will definitely knit, as well as the ones I might knit.  I recycled all the magazines, so hopefully I saved a forest--seriously, I had a LOT of magazines, basically every single magazine published from late 2005 until present.  Scary to think how much paper I had stored, but now all patterns are stored neatly in binders and folders, awaiting use.

I'm in the process of finishing sock #1 of Cables and Lace socks, pattern by Allison Sarnoff.  I love this pattern, but chose to take it down only to the heel and knit the rest in stockinette to the toe.  I think its going to look pretty nice, and will post a pic when its done (hopefully tomorrow night).  Yarn used:  Red Heart Stardust in Citrine (yellow-ish).  Also on deck to be completed :  pair of Lace Wedge Anklets, using HandMaiden Casbah in Flirt colorway.  I only have half the foot and the toe to do on sock #2.  Mercifully, sock #1 is complete already.  That will be the only complete pair I have to my name once it is done.  I misplaced my Wollmeise socks that I finished in March and I am NOT HAPPY that I can't find them.

Off to knit and search for missing socks...

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