Thursday, September 19, 2013

FO: Campfire Socks

First FO since the middle of summer...absolutely LOVE these and am so glad I'm finally finished with them, so I can wear them to chase the autumn chill.
I love the yarn-Tuscan Grove "Bellagio" in the Mint Ganache colorway.  It's a silky-smooth DK weight, and I had forgotten how quick of a knit these socks were.
Motivation to (finally) finish this pair:   I took a weekend trip to South Bass Island (in the middle of Lake Erie) with my son and wanted a quick knit to take with me, one that did not require a lot of concentration.  I scored some knitting time at night, after my son fell asleep, and while he was playing on the playground in the center of the park in town.  I also knit on the ferry ride back to the mainland.  I think I started the second sock on Saturday night and finished it this past Wednesday night, and am so happy with the finished product!

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