Thursday, January 16, 2014

Noro Sock Yarn

So...I finally cast on for sock #2 using a ball of Noro Taiyo sock yarn that I bought a year or two ago.......and even after cutting the yarn in just the right place to hopefully/sort of make the two socks look semi-fraternal, if not identical, this is what I get :

I cut so much from the skein that I do not have a ton of extra yarn to 'play with'.    And despite this picture, the second color in the sock on-the-needles is a periwinkle blue, not a pink like in the other sock.  And the third color on the OTN sock is a teal/aqua greenish color, which also does not appear on the first finished sock.    I guess I should have peeked inside the skein before I bought it.

These will still be super-comfy, but I'm not sure if I will  be buying this one again.

1 comment:

  1. I have never "tried" to make matching socks. I'm sure it took time and must be frustrating that they're so different. They will be beautiful though! :-)

    I'd never even heard of that sock yarn before!