Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lots going on lately!

There has been a lot going on lately in life--family visits, traveling, celebrations, and knitting.  My son celebrated his First Communion this past weekend and it was wonderful.  The sun started shining during the ceremony, and we had a nice family gathering at home post-church.  I wanted to make the day really special for my son, so I decided to make a centerpiece for the table that also did double-duty as dessert.

My mom and I chose to use macarons and meringues for the display.  I arranged them in a cross pattern that turned out really well!

We bought macarons from Vanille Patisserie in Chicago, which has a wonderful assortment of pastries.  We chose the teal blue (vanille flavor) and the cream (hazelnut flavor)--colors went with our color scheme.  The macarons held up great-refrigerated for a day or so prior to serving.  You can't really see the cream-colored macarons--they are underneath the meringue cookies we piled up on top.  The centerpiece was very fitting and looked great!

I finished my Cadence socks a couple weeks ago-- I used Cascade Heritage in an aqua blue color--they look and fit great.


Currently OTN:  a pair of Monkey socks in String Theory Colorworks Continuum self-striping MCN.  Colorway is Particle Accelerator.  I love the yarn and the striping is fantastic.  Pics to come tomorrow when I have more of it done :-)

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  1. The Cadence socks look absolutely stunning!! And what a sweet centerpiece idea!