Saturday, June 28, 2008

The coolest T-Shirt EVER!!!

I just found the most awesome t-shirt ever! It may be a tad inappropriate, but it sums up the way I feel about knitting and yarn in general. Check out the online shop--its way cool.

New Yarn!!!! Charity updates....

Ok...upon following a tip from Ravelry I decided to check out my local Hobby Lobby to see if they had the new Red Heart sock yarn Heart and Sole in stock. I read on the Ravelry site that certain Hobby Lobby stores recieved a teaser shipment of one ball of each colorway of the new sock yarn. Sure enough, when I got there, I found 7 skeins, one in each color. I also found 4 balls of Sock Ease, the new sock yarn from Lion Brand. I'm completely unable to resist sock yarn, so I bought one skein of Rock Candy ( Sock-Ease), as well as 2 skeins of Heart and Sole, each in a different colorway. I figure that they will be crazy non-matching house socks for me, or each will become a pair of socks for my son.

Another reason I was pretty excited about these yarns is that each is infused with Aloe Vera, which is really nice when your feet are in the socks, and it keeps your hands smooth when working with the yarn. These yarns are from "big box" yarn companies, traditionally makers of acrylic yarn, which knitters love to hate. I think this means that knitting socks is finally going mainstream, which is awesome. A more expensive sock yarn that has aloe and jojoba in it is Austermann Step.

The closest LYS to my apartment is Knitter's Mercantile in Columbus, OH. It's a 30 minute drive on a day with minimal traffic. The Hobby Lobby is 10 minutes away from me. It makes more sense with today's gas prices to go to the store closest to me. Once I get around to using the yarn, which should hopefully be soon, I will post on how it feels/works up, etc.

I've been working on my next charity package for Touching Little Lives. I've made some hats and am working on finishing the blanket. It makes me feel really good that little babies are going to be warmed and comforted by what I am creating with sticks and string.

Friday, June 27, 2008


A nice "welcome" to the newest yarn addition to my stash........Lion Brand Sockease!!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Stay-cation time!!!

Well, with nothing to do this week--no plans, etc--I get to have a stay-cation! Stay-cation means va-cation, except we are staying at home and doing stuff we normally don't have time to do, such as watching tv, playing board games, playing video games, cooking at home, and generally just relaxing. At the end of the week we are driving up to Cleveland to spend Father's Day with my dad. All in all, it should be a peachy week.

Along with the relaxing I will be doing, I have plans to completely reorganize my yarn stash, which includes better storage (I have seen winged beasts--AKA moths--fluttering around the outside of our apartment at night. I am not taking any chances). I will also be catching up on my Ravelry uploading of pictures and yarn inventory. And yes, there will be LOTS of knitting.

Projects I will be completing this week, do or die: blanket for Touching Little Lives, a charity I volunteer for; pair of socks for my dad for Father's Day, and finishing up a pair of socks for my son.

Projects I am starting in the next 2 weeks: More socks and probably some mittens/wristwarmers/cell phone cozy/purse/gloves and whatever else I can come up with. Hats for Touching Little Lives as well.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Blessings in my life....or What I have to be thankful for

It's been a really great few months for my family and I. I have much to be thankful for. In these rough economic times, money is tight everywhere and it seems like my family, along with many others across the nation, has had to cut corners in order to adjust to the rising costs of living (i.e. gas and food).

I am thankful that my husband found a super job that enables us to live in a nice apartment and have food and our bills paid. I am thankful that I have a healthy, beautiful son who teaches me about life and how wonderful it can be every single day. I am thankful that my health is good and I am making steps towards being a healthier person.
I was in Walmart yesterday, picking up ingredients for lasagna, which is a favorite in my family. I had not bought eggs for a while, since the price increases went into effect in most supermarkets. I was really surprised that my dozen Grade A store-brand eggs were $1.67. I remember not too long ago at Kroger they were 1.00 for a dozen.

I have a son, a toddler. As most toddlers go, he has days where he is very picky about what he will eat. One week he loves spaghetti-o's with meatballs, the next week he is shaking his head and spitting at the bowl and spoon in front of him. We try to feed him what he will eat, because I think that its better for him to get the same thing every day if that is what he wants, rather than him going hungry.

We have adopted some earth-and-wallet-friendly tactics to help deal with the current situation across the nation. For starters, when I make food now, I serve it, and what is left goes immediately into Tupperware or the like and into the fridge. We cannot afford to waste food, and it makes me feel like an awful person when I throw away food. It didn't use to, I used to not give it a second thought. We recycle, for the most part. I am mindful of lights that are left on, and I try to leave my computer off at night. We work from home, so our laptops need to be on all night for work-related stuff. We now group our errands into clumps, so that we do not have to go out everyday. We try to limit our gas consumption, and I feel blessed that our car is not a gas hog, despite the fact that it is a Ford Crown Victoria, a larger car than most on the road today, save for SUVs.

What money-saving things do you do in this economic time? Do you have any stories or tips? Feel free to leave a comment--I'm interested in hearing what other people are doing regarding food and fuel consumption/conservation.