Friday, September 25, 2009

Comfy Socks finished!!!

I (finally) finished my Comfy Socks, made using Knitpicks Stroll (Essential) Multi in the Riverbed colorway. They turned out pretty nicely, except for the wierd pooling and striping in the second sock. Oh well, that's what I get for finishing them an entire year after I started them!

In other knitting-related news, I officially have a ton of sock yarn.  Time to start pairing them with patterns so I can start using some of it up (and eventually acquire more).

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Joy of Sox

After hearing the buzz about this book on Ravelry, I went out and found it in stock at Barnes and Noble. This is probably my new favorite book--there are so many patterns in it that I want to make. My two favorite patterns are A Roll in the Hay and Movie Socks. The book is organized well, explains techniques in a non-confusing way, and as a bonus, it's spiral-bound for easy reference while knitting. It is a definite must-have for anyone who loves to knit socks. I think the book has about 30 or more patterns.

In sock knitting news, I finished the Comfy Socks that I actually started last September. They turned out well, although the second sock had a lot of pooling and crazy striping that the first sock did not have. They are made of Knitpicks Essential multi, since renamed Stroll. I have turned the heel on the Summer Socks I started in June--using Online Supersocke Cotton. I'm going to watch a video on Youtube this evening on how to successfully cast-on for a toe-up sock for the SKA September Sockdown. I've been dying to try a toe-up pattern for awhile now, and the yarn I dyed for the sockdown is begging to be used.

Have a happy Friday!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Friday!

I'm so glad it's Friday! I've had a cold all week long, from the change in seasons I think. I hand-dyed some yarn today with yellow food coloring so that I can participate in Ravelry's Sock Knitters Anonymous September Sockdown. This particular sockdown requires: any sock pattern knit using yellow yarn OR the mystery sock by Nancy Bush using yellow yarn OR any Wendy Johnson pattern, using any color yarn. I've never used yellow yarn, so this will be a treat for me. I used Kroger brand food coloring to dye the yarn. It looks like the color of squash--so that's probably what I'm going to call it. I haven't decided which pattern I'm going to might be time to try a toe-up sock, because Wendy Johnson's sock patterns are pretty awesome.

One of my hands is dyed yellow and I have a function to go to on Sunday, so I hope I can make that hand white again.
I'll post pictures of the yarn once it's wound into balls so I can start my socks!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Warm Woolies project finished!

I finished the first of several shipments for Warm Woolies during this holiday weekend. It's boxed up and ready to go on Thursday. I knitted 6 pairs of socks for the Six for Six campaign, as well as two more pairs in both a larger and smaller size. The sweater I am knitting for WW is still on the needles but I will give it more attention now since the socks are finished.

As you can see from the other picture, there are 3 socks in progress waiting on their various needles. Those too will be given attention now. From left to right, sock in Knitpicks Essential, sock in Online Supersocke cotton, and last but not least, a sock in Wollmeise 80/20 Wild Thing (Poison Nr. 5 colorway)

More posts later this week!!